The food pharmacy show – Food Pharmacy

Nutrition has long been the swamped with quacks and fads from gerson protocol to the boiled egg diet - and the food pharmacy cuts through this. The podcast started in Swedish but is now in English and has some brilliant guests - including Professor Robert Thomas, who discusses ways to keep healthy after cancer. The podcasts are not always on my wave length with some episodes very focused on the guest's own self-promotion, but - for the most part - the series has so much useful info' on nutrition and health.

Dr Mary-Jane Minkin is a clinical professor of OB/GYN at Yale, and has a special interest in menopause. And she's used her amazing blog - Madame Ovary - and her intelligent and irreverent wit, to inform this podcast, menopause:unmuted. The podcast focuses on Americans, but so much of what's discussed here has been helpful and interesting to me (a Brit').